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Fit is a state of mind, not body. See the confidence the right fit can bring.

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From Clean to Remastered, discover the mastery behind our denim washes.



Highly-advanced fabrics, conceived for wearing. Feel the difference.

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From snug to slim, there is a skinny for every man. Find a modern look for every comfort level.

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Skinny FIT


Expertly built style with regular waist and skinny leg. A relaxed feel with a cline-lined look. Forms to the shape of your body for a modern definition of denim.

SHOW ME sleenker
Skinny FIT

spender jogg

This low-fly skinny fit is the slimmest of our high-stretch JoggJeans range. Our performance fabric is engineered for effortless movement.

SHOW ME spender jogg
Skinny FIT


This Skinny fit has a low waist and skin-tight leg for that clean and lean look. Ultra-stretch denim maintains the streamlined fit and flexible, comfortable feel.

Skinny FIT


The low waist gives a relaxed feel and is flattering for all body types. It's tight through the leg and ankle for a clean silhouette.

SHOW ME thavar
Skinny FIT

thavar joggjeans

Low waisted, with a super slim leg that narrows towards the ankle. A Thavar cut in JoggJeans fabric.

SHOW ME thavar joggjeans
Skinny FIT


A low-rise skinny, this easy-to-wear style features a raised back waistband for added comfort. 

SHOW ME thommer


It’s a flattering thing when the leg narrows at the ankle. Our tapered range is easy to wear and makes it easy to look good.

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Tapered FIT


Sleek with a regular waist and slim leg, outlining your best assets with subtle tailoring.

SHOW ME belther
Tapered FIT


This is a gentleman’s jean. Clean, slim and tapered, it takes your denim game to the next level. 

SHOW ME dander
Tapered FIT


Inspired by original denim craftsmanship, the regular waist brings comfort while the leg narrows towards the ankle for an effortless look.

SHOW ME buster
Tapered FIT


An upscale denim alternative for evening dressing, this tapered style features a regular rise and cropped leg. 

SHOW ME jifer
Tapered FIT


Low-rise with a regular fit, this contemporary style enhances with details like slanted back pockets and a modern tapered hem.

SHOW ME larkee-beex


The Straight leg is the most traditional and iconic denim cut. It fits comfortably along the hips as leg shape goes down straight from the knee to the calf.

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Straight FIT


Ideal for any body type and cut perfectly straight from knee to ankle for that regular, reliable look.

SHOW ME larkee
Straight FIT


Constructed in a slim-straight fit through the leg with laid-back, low waist. This denim is flattering and easy-going.

SHOW ME safado
Straight FIT


A traditional straight leg denim that delivers on style and substance thanks to a modern fit and form-enhancing details. 

SHOW ME viker
Straight FIT


With authentic squared back pockets and a comfortable arched yoke that follows the line of the body. The regular waist and clean-lined leg are timeless.

SHOW ME waykee


Slim at the calves and ankles, the Carrot fit accentuates the leg for a dynamic look.

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Carrot FIT


A tailored, low-rise chino with generous legroom and a narrow hem.  Available in light to dark hues, the look is smart, but comfortable. 

SHOW ME kakee
Carrot FIT

krooley joggjeans

The drawstring and low waist are seriously laid-back but the tapered leg keeps things neat. Crafted only in JoggJeans fabric for total freedom of movement.

SHOW ME krooley joggjeans
Carrot FIT


The relaxed waist and low crotch feel comfortable but look contemporary. The tapered leg is cropped perfectly for a modern, alternative look.

SHOW ME narrot
Carrot FIT

narrot joggjeans

Our popular low-waist Carrot fit meets innovative JoggJean technology. The modern tapered-leg and high-stretch comfort fabric is an effortlessly cool combination.

SHOW ME narrot joggjeans
Carrot FIT


Skinny meets Carrot. A relaxed, regular waist narrows to the ankle for a modern, clean-lined silhouette. Comfortable and effortless.

SHOW ME tepphar


You don’t have to wear boots to wear bootcut jeans. Recommended for thighs of all sizes and boots of any kind.

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Bootcut FIT


Built in a comfortable regular fit that widens from the calf to ankle, this bootcut fit nods to vintage workwear.

SHOW ME zathan
Bootcut FIT


This updated bootcut is made with a regular waist and streamlined fit that widens through the calf to make room for your boots, obviously.

SHOW ME zatiny
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  • Skinny
    • See Skinny Styles(6)
    • sleenker
    • spender jogg
    • thavar
    • thavar joggjeans
    • thommer
  • Tapered
    • See Tapered Styles(5)
    • belther
    • dander
    • buster
    • jifer
    • larkee-beex
  • Straight
    • See Straight Styles(4)
    • larkee
    • safado
    • viker
    • waykee
  • Carrot
    • See Carrot Styles(5)
    • kakee
    • krooley joggjeans
    • narrot
    • narrot joggjeans
    • tepphar
  • Bootcut
    • See Bootcut Styles(2)
    • zathan
    • zatiny


Explore straight-forward rinses in perfectly monotone shades.

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Find expertly crafted pieces that look beautifully worn.

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Discover true denim masterpieces.

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  • Clean
  • Treated
  • Remastered


The look of denim, the feeling of sweatpants. JoggJeans are an innovative hybrid of denim and jersey thread.

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Pure denim. Wears naturally but never loses its cool.

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Forms around the body for just the right amount of support, smoothing out your most impressive formations.

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super stretch

Moves with the body for a super snug and comfortable fit. So intuitive, it already knows what your next move will be.

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