“Denim is an important part of the wardrobe of youth today. I remember myself as a teenager in the late 90's and it was the same. It was the time of Diesel’s first bright and strong advertising campaigns, and the brand’s first shop in Moscow. It was a dream for me to own Diesel denims. Now dreams have come true - I’m more than happy to collaborate with such a great brand!”
    Gosha Rubchinskiy

    RED TAG by Glenn Martens

    Inspired by the Diesel spirit, Glenn Martens has decided to go size-free and create a capsule collection that's all about embracing the unusual.


    "The pieces are inspired by wardrobe basics, but there are conscious mistakes, such as the hemline or waistband of a jacket being seven sizes smaller than the actual garment. The seams are also buttoned, so you have to get into and out of the garment. In a way, the collection is actually then both size-free and genderless."
    Glenn Martens